ACE Healthy Brain Initiative

At ACE, we believe that a healthy brain with adequate cognitive functioning is the biological foundation for motivational interventions and behavioral therapies to be effective and to achieve the ultimate goal of recovery.  Since 2016, ACE has shifted the focus, from substitutional medical therapy and managing mood symptoms to systematic diagnosis and collaborating with our behavioral neurologist to treat cognitive disorders.  We continue to develop expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) associated with or caused by drug use.

Cognitive function includes utilizing working memory and recall, focusing and shifting attention to tasks, organizing and prioritizing to work, regulating alertness and sustaining effort, managing frustration and emotions and controlling impulses, monitoring and self-regulating behavior and action.  Impaired cognitive function, rooted in, and resulted from, mental health disorders or sustained drug use, perpetuates addiction, and hinders recovery and the effectiveness of behavioral therapy.

By combining neuropsychiatric evaluation, continuous medication management and behavioral interventions, we are able to aggressively diagnose and manage cognitive disorders.  In turn, we have witnessed a stunning success of our program in treating addiction and chronic pain.

Our Physicians

Our physicians are board certified in addiction medicine, neurology, behavioral neurology, psychiatry, and internal medicine.

Support Team

Our support team consists of a network of licensed providers who offer psychotherapy, counseling, education, support groups, social services, case management, and family support. Nutritional therapy, physical fitness and spiritual support are also available to our patients.

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