Clinics for addiction &

chronic pain

A medical recovery program specifically designed to treat addiction, chronic pain, and the underlying neurological and mental disorders

Addiction is a Chronic Brain Disease
Addiction is not merely a behavioral issue or moral lacking that is blamed on the patient. As treating other chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and heart disease, our physicians at ACE treat addiction as a chronic neurological and mental disorder with all the knowledge and tools available in the modern neuroscience.

Medical Treatment Assisted by Behavioral Therapy
Behavioral therapies alone have not been shown to be effective for many substance use disorders.  At ACE, we practice evidence-based addiction medicine.  We prescribe medications judiciously and use behavioral interventions that are proven effective. 

Life Long Treatment
Successful treatment of addiction requires a life long commitment to continuous medical treatment and a broad support for recovery. Detoxification or any other short term treatment plans have not been shown to be effective for achieving a long term sobriety. At ACE, we engage with our patients continuously and encourage our patients for a life long commitment to addiction treatment.

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